‘Dreaming in Ten Thousand Colours’  EP is available now from the ONLINE STORE

Dreamers unite – ‘Natalie and the Romance’ are hear to fill your hearts with winding melodies and endless vivid stories. This Sydney based soul band was born from five jazz musicians who became beautiful friends. As a band, they wanted to play music that left space for improvisation around the edges of the true focus of the music:  storytelling. Thus they immersed themselves into the genre of Soul and have been leaving audiences across the country in awe ever since.

The band is fronted by lead vocalist Natalie Magee. Natalie was awarded the MusicACT Young Artist of the Year in 2012 and with more than 600 gigs including 15 festivals, 5 sold out self titled concerts, 8 international guest performance and two independent CD releases, Natalie had the immense pleasure of playing with just about every musician around before forming ‘Natalie and the Romance.’

The band features 2013 James Morrison Jazz Scholarship winner Oliver Nelson on Drums,  Kyle Taylor on Bass, Felix Lalanne on Guitar and Callum Gracie on Trumpet. ‘Natalie and the Romance’ have just finished up in the recording studio and are set the release a new EP in November this year before heading on tour to promote the recording.

With captivating stage presence, technical prowess, powerful stories and beautiful music, this band is an extraordinary Australian act with international success set firmly in their sights.



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