A new EP from Natalie and the Romance!

I am incredibly excited to announce that I am currently recording a new EP with my band, Natalie and The Romance. It has been a beautiful journey to get to this point and the band and I can not wait to share the new music with you!

With the total cost involved with making the EP coming in at over $6,000 we are asking for your help to make this recording possible! I am investing $3,000 into the project and we are seeking to raise another $3,000 so that this recording and production of the EP can be possible. So after much, much hard work, I’m very excited to release a crowdfunding campaign for the recording of the EP!!

Please check out the video on thepage that Julian Tynan of Grand Illusions helped me put together and grab some rewards, you can pre-order the CD, grab tickets to the launch, get hand made cards, songwriting lessons and more. Every single little bit of help is felt and appreciated so much. LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!! Big smiles today xXx


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