Natalie Magee Canberra Weekly

‘…An amazingly talented local musician by the name of Natalie Magee opened the evening with jazz-infused melodies. The term “support act” does not do justice in this instance. The rich quality of her voice soothed the crowd, all visibly captivated by her graceful and heartfelt performance…

… any Matt Corby performance is a must-see. That said, it was the (support acts) who stole the show and left the crowd open-mouthed. It was a privilege to witness a sample of the talent that is brewing all around us…’

– Pratham Rathore reviewing the Matt Corby – supported by Avaberée and Natalie Magee concert, for Woroni Newspaper

~ * ~

‘… A hush fell over the excited crowd as local songstress Natalie Magee took to the make-shift stage. Surrounded by soft fairy lights her smooth jazz set the tone for the evening. Her unique voice and style, reminiscent of Adele and Missy Higgins, both of whom she sights as influences, combine to form her range of soulful heartbreak to hip-swaying melodies that invigorated the crowd. With songs like Perfect number 3, Magee proves that she is an artist that promises us great things…’ 

– Faster Louder

~ * ~

‘…Natalie Magee hit the stage to much adulation. It was immediately apparent why this young lady is somewhat of a local star – her vocals were crisp and clear, and her talent self-evident…’

–  Faster Louder

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Matt Corby, Avaberee and Natalie Magee – Faster Louder


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 Friday 28th September 2012

Contact: Natalie Magee


Vocalist and Composer Natalie Magee Brings Her Contemporary Interpretation of Jazz to Sydney

Natalie Magee is bringing an exciting new flavour to the Sydney music scene. With her unique combination of jazz compositional techniques with modern pop and indie influences, Natalie creates original music which has rich harmonic development paired with intelligent grooves, calling it her ‘contemporary interpretation of Jazz.’

Natalie recently relocated from Canberra to Sydney after graduating from the ANU School of Music Jazz Department in 2011 where she studied for four years under the mentorship of Vince Jones and Kristin Berardi.

After graduating Natalie embarked upon a trip which saw her performing as a guest artist in New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris before returning to Sydney where she is now performing, writing and recording as an independent artist.

Her time in the ACT saw her gain much attention in the music scene with several sold out concerts at the Street Theatre, opening the 2009 National Folk Festival where she was joined by Grammy Award winner Jeff Peterson (USA) and performing a duo concert for voice and ice with the world’s only ice musician, Terje Isungset (Norway).

“Natalie is singing with such jazz invention these days, taking melodies and singing the harmonies,singing over and behind the beat, syncopating and bending lines into complex arpeggiated structures, scatting with comfort.This is sophisticated and richly embellished singing and I love it.”

 – Eric Pozza –

“… an artist that promises us great things.”

–  Faster Louder

Natalie released her debut EP ‘Dreaming in Ten Thousand Colours’ earlier this year and it is available at her website,

If you would like more information about Natalie or to schedule an interview please contact Natalie on email


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