Thank You!!!


I am so overwhelmed, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported my EP fundraising campaign for Natalie and the Romance and helped me to co-fund the recording of my next EP. The campaign was successfully funded and I have just finalised the account with the team at Pozible.

Your support, not just financial, but emotionally through your enthusiasm about the music means more than you know, I truly couldn’t have made this EP possible without your incredible support, love and energy.

Thank you again to each and everyone of you, I really am so grateful and hope you will LOVE the music!!

PROGRESS UPDATE: We are heading back into the studio next week for one final day of recording and three more days of mixing! After that the tracks will be sent off for Mastering and then the CD will be sent off for printing! The estimation is that we can release the EP as soon as December! I will keep you posted! Don’t forget to like the band and I on Facebook to keep up to date!


The other day I was clearing my head with a walk along the headlands of Bronte Beach and I was debating the meaning of life. As I was tossing ideas back and forth in my head, I noticed an amazing sight – a single whale leaping in and out of the water, putting on an incredible show. It brought me so much joy and I watched the whale continue like that all the way out past the horizon.

The whale was alone and for all I could tell, it was simply demonstrating gratitude and joy for being alive. So I decided, for me, that was each persons purpose in life; to be grateful and to be joyful, and naturally – you will inspire gratitude, joy and happiness in all those around you.

So thank you – you have made it incredibly easy for me to be grateful and joyful through your support of this music, and I hope that in turn it brings happiness and joy to you each time you listen to it.

All my love,

Natalie (and the Romance!)



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