Now Playing: Barcelona

Silvia Perez Cruz

I was about to venture out into another hot Barcelona night when only a few steps away from the front door of my apartment I noticed a venue hosting a jazz jam. Deciding to check it out, I was led down a windy staircase into an old underground cellar with a low hanging roof, dimly lit interior and a group of young men performing on stage. The music was incredible, I will be writing about the band, The ACA SECA Trio, in my next post.  I squeezed through the silent crowd and found the last empty seat.

At the end of the song a beautiful woman got up on stage to join the jam. Wearing a simple sun dress, her hair was out and she was bear foot. She seemed nervous and there was extensive debate about what to sing. So you imagine my surprise when the this unassuming woman suddenly produced the best vocal performance I had ever heard in one song. I have never seen someone perform with so much passion and extreme intensity. It was as though she was singing her life story for the very last time, trying to hold onto every moment.

Since then I’ve found no shortage of collaborations with Silvia on vocals, she is a master of music it seems with a truly beautiful gift.

Silvia Perez Cruz on vocals and Ravid Goldschmidt on Hang performing a live track from the stunning album ‘Ravid Hang.’

Performing here with Javier Colina a track from the album ‘En La Imaginacion.’ A beautiful listen for any jazz lovers.

Performing here with Las Migas

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