Headlining The Acoustic Picnic



Natalie Magee band shot

Me and my gorgeous band, Felix Lalanne, Oli Nelson Drums and Kyle Taylor will be headlining the Acoustic Picnic http://theacousticpicnic.com/ on Friday the 14th of March, joined by the incredible Larissa Mckay ( http://youtu.be/DJsOvKvFWfE?t=30s ) and Renny Field ( http://youtu.be/A60ABWPIPHk )

We have some exciting things in store for the concert, so we hope you come along!

A triple bill concert at a beautiful music venue, this concept music lounge is all inclusive B.Y.O. feast. Bring along your own wine and food and sit back and enjoy a night of music. Remember you will need to bring all the utensils necessary for your picnic like glasses, cutlery, etc.

The door charge is $20 per person.

Doors open at 7pm.. show starts at 8pm.

The Acoustic Picnic often sells out, so book early!!!

To Reserve A Table Go to the “Reservations” tab in the above menu or email keith@songwriterslive.com.au

Check out the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/270149406478259/?previousaction=join&source=1 

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