Jay-Z and Kanye West in Paris

There aren’t really words to describe this concert. It was Jay-Z. It was Kanye West… together…. in Paris. I can hardly even imagine it and I was there!

The show began with Kanye and Jay-Z rising out of the floor on giant cubes made of digital screens, one on the stage and one out in the middle of the audience. The digital media and lightshow were fantastic but nothing could distract from the undisputed Kings of Hip Hop, reeling off hit after hit after hit.

Was the crowd into it? Well after an intense two and a half hours of every person in the sold out stadium just about losing their minds, Jay-Z and Kanye closed the show with not one but two renditions of their song ‘N**gas in Paris’ only to be screamed back onto the stage to do an encore of the same song another nine consecutive times, breaking the record for the most times the same song has been performed at one concert. Unbelievable. The photos say the rest, click on one to launch the gallery

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