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I’m in a taxi, tearing down some tiny, windy streets in Madrid. The cab driver is obviously crazy and, given I’m late for a flight, it’s all rather stressful until suddenly this voice comes across the radio in what was a life changing moment. I try asking the taxi driver who this singer is but he speaks no English so with no paper or pen, I desperately try to memorise the Spanish lyrics. After a few weeks of searching the internet with every spelling variation of what I thought I’d heard, I finally found him; 23 year-old Spanish vocalist Pablo Alboran.

He sings with such passion, honesty and creativity. The melody shimmers around the calming guitar, complimented by his gentle and expressive vocal tone. He is singing with such love, and although I can’t speak Spanish, I still believe what he is saying.

This is the song I first heard in the Taxi, “Solamente Tu,”  it’s English translation is “Only You.” Rather than share his produced track and video clip I thought I’d show you this acoustic version, it showcases the beauty of this song in its original form. It is recorded “en mi casa” – meaning in my house.

You might also like this beautiful duet with another Portuguese vocalist, Carminho.

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