Now playing: New Orleans

Trombone Shorty

If you were ever teased when you were younger about playing an ‘un-cool instrument’ get ready for your revenge. Bringing some swagger to the trombone is New Orleans raised ‘Trombone Shorty’ who is currently exciting the ears, hips and dare I say eyes of audiences around the world with his fantastic muscles, oh sorry, I mean music…
Now I know I said ‘trombone’ but don’t run away if your’e not into jazz or classical. Trombone Shorty has developed a sound and atmosphere that combines traditional New Orleans jazz with rock, soul and R&B and rocking out at his shows is unavoidable. I was lucky enough to catch him at The House of Blues in his hometown New Orleans as a sideshow from the festival at which he was one of the headlines. He impressed with his skills on Trombone as well as his versatile singing and use of his trumpet. For the last song all members of the band swapped instruments and performed with Shorty playing drums. I particularly love his song ‘Do to me’ and his version of ‘St James Infirmary Blues.’
Check him out ;

Since artists are so often boxed into dressing, acting and performing as their genre dictates so it is fantastic to see Trombone Shorty disregarding these barriers and bringing some intense showmanship, swagger and heavy beats to the jazz stage. Does this mean he is a sell- out I hear you ask? Absolutely not, and to be honest I hate the term. Yes he is insanely popular but it’s not because he has made a watered down commercial compromise, it’s because he is fantastic and puts on a brilliant live show. All power to you Shorty


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